Jason Duop

Turbo Charging Content Technology

Content marketing and social media sharing are trends that have become cemented in the day-to-day lives of brand managers. But does this mean they are cemented and don’t evolve? Not in the slightest. Two recent announcements illustrate the pace at which these processes are evolving and what this means for industry experts. These new tools seek […]

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Most Common Mistakes When Writing a Mission Statement

Mission statements seem so inherently simple that managers don’t put much thought into them. Read: any thought into them. Because there’s no way to get a mission statement wrong. Or so they think. Enter stage left every other mission statement ever written. Demeaning, demotivating, deteriorating, past the stage of defibrillation and ready to be deleted. […]

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Viral Vacuum Ad Still Sucking in Views

What has two wheels, unmatchable suction power, nearly 500 million views and one outraged audience? LG’s viral advertisement for a vacuum cleaner that’s what! If you haven’t seen the ad making the rounds on Facebook, here it is. Despite this campaign being riddled with controversy, there is an undeniable genius behind it. The clickbait title lures people […]

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