Viral Vacuum Ad Still Sucking in Views

What has two wheels, unmatchable suction power, nearly 500 million views and one outraged audience? LG’s viral advertisement for a vacuum cleaner that’s what! If you haven’t seen the ad making the rounds on Facebook, here it is. Despite this campaign being riddled with controversy, there is an undeniable genius behind it. The clickbait title lures people […]

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Don’t Drink And Write Advertisements

The screen flashes with red and blue. It is the calm before the storm. A remorseful mother is ushered from the car as the police escourt her out. Her young children cry in the background. No, this is not an episode of Road Cops or Police Ten 7. It’s the latest installment in the New Zealand Transport Agency’s series of drink […]

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Basic Guide to the BASIC Marketing Model

Strategic marketing models can be pretty complex. Don’t believe me? Here’s a strategic marketing model by Hooley, Piercy and Nicoulaud. Not exactly a lighthearted summer read!  To simplify the strategic marketing process is the BASIC marketing model by Roger Brooksbank. Even simplified, it can be difficult to understand for managers who haven’t been at university […]

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