Wake Up And Smell The Bacon [Video]

If you’re a bacon enthusiast, Oscar Mayer might just have an alarm clock for you. Yes this exists. And no, this isn’t an April Fools day prank. Over the next month, the brand will give out 4,700 bacon-scented smartphone attachments as part of a ‘Wake up and smell the bacon’ campaign. The alarm clock guides you […]

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The Best YouTube Ad EVER

Are you prepared to witness the best YouTube ad ever? The one that made every single viewer grip their seats, drop their jaw, start speaking French and run to the store to buy the product. You know, the YouTube ad that was so incredibly successful it’s been featured on major news broadcasts for the last […]

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Volkswagen Superbowl Commercials

In incredibly expensive and much-talked-about Superbowl commercials, Volkswagen won the masses over in 2011 with their TV commercial The Force.  It is still the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time with more than five million shares and 67 million views. It’s very cute, and nice to see a family-friendly advert getting such a […]

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