Online Strategy

Building a Tradie Brand

Branding tradies is an incredibly niche market. Because of this, it’s not always the easiest to develop marketing strategies around. While there are a handful of websites and businesses specialising in trade branding, most tradies are uncomfortable handing their brand to a stranger. They do, after all, have a do it yourself mentality. If you’re […]

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Turn Your Website Into A Show Home

Ah home shows. Wandering through a strangers house, taking in all the sights and smells as your head fills with possibilities. Letting your senses take over as you gaze over the carefully decorated lounge and enjoy the scent of freshly baked bread – if you don’t get the reference, watch Countdown’s humorous TV ad here. […]

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Infographic on the Future of Infographics

Infographics are big business today. In fact, Customer Magnetism says high quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than plain old text articles. Even three of my latest articles, about social’s biggest networks, the Apple logo and social media brands featured infographics! Over the past several years infographics have served marketers well. […]

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Creativity No Longer Center Stage

If the characters from Man Men were thrown into the modern advertising world, how would they survive? Better yet, would they survive? The Internet revolution has changed modern marketing so much that it’s a completely different playing field. Two accredited Google partners told that creativity is now only of relative importance in marketing. Enter stage […]

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Google Proves Online Ads Drive In-store Traffic

It’s easy for Google to prove that online ads drive web store traffic. Simply count the number of website clicks over the period of Google ad campaigns. What’s been really difficult for Google is proving that online ads can also drive in-store traffic.  To combat this, Google is rolling out a new tool called “store visits.” […]

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Google’s New Cycle of Advertising Revenue

Google recently decided that the 58.8 billion it makes from mainly online advertising simple isn’t enough. They found themselves stuck in a dead end street where advertising revenue was made only from companies paying for media spaces. Rather an innovator thought up a way to make advertising revenue from individuals! Although technically these individuals aren’t […]

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