Stunt marketing

Augmented Reality Ad Brings Viewers Into the Storm

An outdoor advert for tornado-themed film Into the Storm causes passerby’s to be swept up in the company’s clever campaign. Created by augmented reality store Grand Visual, this certainly captures attention more than any old bus stop poster. See for yourself: The advert displays a Sydney street as though the poster was only a glass pane. This […]

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Gatorade Prank Adverts

Gatorade’s new advertising campaign can only be described as an attempt to slim down their customer base. Customers were shown being turned away in a string of prank adverts if they weren’t actively sweating.  These adverts comedically reinforce Gatorade’s campaign tagline of needing to “perspire to acquire, subscribe to imbibe and drip it to sip it.” While this prank tactic […]

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