digital strategy

Fixing a Leaky Drainage Website

You could be the leading drainage expert in the whole country but if your website doesn’t get customers through, your business is down in the sinks. Take for example Fox Drainage. From the outside their website looked okay but on closer inspection there were a few major errors that were scaring away customers. Let’s go […]

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The Best YouTube Ad EVER

Are you prepared to witness the best YouTube ad ever? The one that made every single viewer grip their seats, drop their jaw, start speaking French and run to the store to buy the product. You know, the YouTube ad that was so incredibly successful it’s been featured on major news broadcasts for the last […]

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How to Turn Your Large Audience of Free Followers into Millions of Dollars: Exploding Kittens

Having a large following of faithful fans is great: just look at how many politicians and celebrities have risen to power from it! Unfortunately an audience of free followers online doesn’t usually amount to much. They often just create things online because it’s their passion, not to make millions from it. Take for example Matthew Inman, […]

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Just Another Book On the Wall

If you search online for advice, every person and their dog has likely written ten blog posts on it. Or written a thoughtful Facebook status.Or uploaded a YouTube video on any topic you can imagine. We truly do live in the information age. This overload of digital content is great when you need help getting […]

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Creativity No Longer Center Stage

If the characters from Man Men were thrown into the modern advertising world, how would they survive? Better yet, would they survive? The Internet revolution has changed modern marketing so much that it’s a completely different playing field. Two accredited Google partners told that creativity is now only of relative importance in marketing. Enter stage […]

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