The Evolution of TV Over the Last 20 Years

Over the span of 20 years, traditional TV has gone through some radical changes. As TV is a traditional and well used medium for marketing communications, watching it’s progression is imperative. This watching allows marketers to get a better grasp of the medium’s future direction.

“Over the span of just 20 years, the experience of watching TV and the business of advertising on TV have changed significantly,” Videology CEO Scott Ferber said. “This year,­ 20 years after the first patent for connected TV was filed, we wanted to take a look back and see what events have led us to where we are today. Television is now digital, and digital is now television, and one thing is for sure: When it comes to TV, the only constant is change.”

Take a look at television’s journey over the last two decades from a Web-wired box to a digital portal, courtesy of Videology.


Curated from Adweek.

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