Online Strategy

Fixing a Leaky Drainage Website

You could be the leading drainage expert in the whole country but if your website doesn’t get customers through, your business is down in the sinks. Take for example Fox Drainage. From the outside their website looked okay but on closer inspection there were a few major errors that were scaring away customers. Let’s go […]

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The Force of Star Wars Marketing Strategy

Pre-note to all fleet junkies, Jedis and other Star Wars fans: If you haven’t yet seen Star Wars The Force Awakens, this post won’t spoil the movie in any way. But it might just spoil your opinion on any other movie marketing campaign ever made.  About a year ago I made a post on how Star Wars […]

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What Facebook’s New Ad Editor Means for You

Facebook has a tendency to make mountains out of molehills on little changes they make. But in this instance, they truly have revamped the power editor. Things aren’t just in different places – things work differently, the design differs and some brand new features were introduced. As a whole, this is how the new power […]

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Viral Vacuum Ad Still Sucking in Views

What has two wheels, unmatchable suction power, nearly 500 million views and one outraged audience? LG’s viral advertisement for a vacuum cleaner that’s what! If you haven’t seen the ad making the rounds on Facebook, here it is. Despite this campaign being riddled with controversy, there is an undeniable genius behind it. The clickbait title lures people […]

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Basic Guide to the BASIC Marketing Model

Strategic marketing models can be pretty complex. Don’t believe me? Here’s a strategic marketing model by Hooley, Piercy and Nicoulaud. Not exactly a lighthearted summer read!  To simplify the strategic marketing process is the BASIC marketing model by Roger Brooksbank. Even simplified, it can be difficult to understand for managers who haven’t been at university […]

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