Txt (SMS) Technology Gives Managers Instant Customer Feedback

Mat Wylie, founder of Customer Radar
Mat Wylie, founder of Customer Radar

Have you bought something from the pharmacy, and on the bottom of the receipt is a customer feedback code?  You send a txt message to the specified number, with the unique code on the receipt, and rate the service you just received.

The same system is used by BP, Noel Leeming, Muffin Break and more.

It’s great as a customer, because if you’ve just had a bad experience you can vent straight away! And not to your friends, but to the management of the whole chain of stores.  And if you’ve had a good experience … well giving feedback normally puts you in the draw for something.

It’s a clever system, and has been developed right here in New Zealand but a company called Customer Radar.

And where does all the data go?  Well Customer Radar present it on online dashboards for the companies to look at.  Everyone from the store manager to the CEO can see what people think of their business in real time, immediately highlighting any problems with the customer experience.

Stores can immediately be compared to other stores of the same chain.  No longer will one store perform terribly, but then pull their customer service together when the regional manager comes for a visit.  With this technology enabling instant feedback, every customer’s opinion could be read by the people at the top!

And no more waiting for occasional mystery shopper performance reports.  Instead, the whole business, throughout the nationwide or even international chain, is measured and reported on in real time.

Customer Radar was the brainchild of Mat Wylie.  Mat was running his advertising agency and wanted much clearer customer feedback and in-store experience reporting for his advertising clients.

Now, four years on from the initially shaky start, Customer Radar is thriving with nearly 500,000 customer comments having been received by the system, and many of New Zealand’s largest brands using the technology.  2014 will be a year of significant expansion, especially overseas.  They have already established offices in Australia, Singapore and India and look to be another exciting New Zealand success story.

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