IKEA Replaces Uncomfortable Theater Seats with Plush Beds

Movie-goers in Russia are being treated to a nice surprise when they visit a theater. Attendees get to watch movies with the comfort of home with the benefit of a massive screen and a surround sound system. All courtesy of IKEA. IKEA has been known to pull big stunts when trying to get a point across – they even once positioned a free e-catalog as advanced and rare technology!

Being forced to sit upright for several hours is one of the lowlights of going to see a movie in cinemas. With movies like the finale of the Hobbit trilogy spanning out for nearly three hours, sitting straight can get incredibly uncomfortable. Clever theaters have tried to combat this by offering pricier rooms with beanbags and couches. 

So when IKEA surprised movie-goers you can imagine the goodwill they felt towards the furniture and homewear giant! Watch here to see how people reacted:

Unfortunately this is only happening in a theater in a town in Russia. If IKEA wanted to break into the New Zealand market, I would highly recommend they pull a stunt just like this!

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