The Four Funniest Ads You’ll See About Having Your Home Invaded

The Four Funniest Ads You’ll See About Having Your Home Invaded

Home security companies seem to adhere to an unspoken code of conduct about their advertisements. They are to be:

  • Scientific and riddled with technobabble 
  • Inspire fear, never humor
  • Feature James Bond worthy break in attempts
  • Be swamped with guady locksmiths

Here are some great home security commericals breaking out of this code. And dear I say it, they have stolen and captured my attention.

1. Cutting Your Ex Chef From Your House

Have you ever thought about how inconsiderate it is of you to change your lock system? Your old housekeeper can no longer try on your clothes, your dog walker can’t take her boyfriends into your hot tub and your plumber is suffering withdrawal symptoms from no longer watching your TV. 

If you haven’t seen the hilarious commercial by SmartKey, I highly recommend watching it:

“It’s easier to give an acquaintance a key than it is to ask for it back when the two of you lose touch,” Creative director of Nurture Digital Nick Lang told Adweek. So by targeting home owners who know their spare keys are circulating, Lang managed to remind, not inform, a target that they are in need.

But that’s not the only genius thing about this campaign. They also managed to combine two seemingly incompatible incentives: fear and humor. The same terrifying message is being hit home but in a classic sitcom fashion. The viewer understands the products potential without feeling manipulated by fear.

We felt that humor was a way to make the message of these ads fresh,” says Lange. “It’s a fine line when your whole campaign is about breaking and entering.”

2. Nosey Neighbor No more

To add to the campaigns sitcom feel, two other advertisements were released in a sort of spin-off fashion. These shorter campaigns give more depth about the piano teacher and nosey neighbor’s break-in attempts. All while explaining the science of their product!

3. Picking Your Pianist From Your Home

4. If I Were You, I Would Turn Around

ADT has also successfully managed to combine fear and humor in a compelling commercial. Watch as Ving Rhames stands outside a house through snow and shine without so much as blinking. Then when robbers fatefully show up he stands his ground in an Arnold Schwarzenegger style.

This commercial also highlights how security companies don’t need to just target home owners. This campaign likely also scares burglars, robbers and nosey neighbours. How so, you may ask?

Let’s see how this fares for a local company. Lets say an Auckland locksmith company decided to run a TV commercial they could have two options. They could firstly target home owners and try and convince them why their locks need replacing. However their campaign could also be seen by those committing the crime, convincing them that home owners are getting smarter.

Which advertisement was your favourite? Comment down below!


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