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Augmented Reality Ad Brings Viewers Into the Storm

An outdoor advert for tornado-themed film Into the Storm causes passerby’s to be swept up in the company’s clever campaign. Created by augmented reality store Grand Visual, this certainly captures attention more than any old bus stop poster. See for yourself:

The advert displays a Sydney street as though the poster was only a glass pane. This soon takes a sharp turn as the poster animates lightning strikes, street signs tearing and a tornado which plucks cars off the street and shatters glass.

Audiences quickly gather and seem enchanted, and somewhat mortified, to see their street get torn up through an augmented reality pane. Audiences are shown stumbling back, jolting and wincing as though they believed the tornado would rip through the screen.

An interesting comment from Adweek is “Sure, some of the passersby look a bit stunned at times. But they’re probably just perturbed that we’re all living in a world that’s morphing into one gigantic ad.” This is true in a lot of ways. With clever product placements, sneaky retail tactics and the like it is becoming inevitable that the world becoming an endless informercial. But with promotions as creative and engaging as this, it doesn’t seem too terrible.