Jason Duop

Nike’s Innovative Demonstration Marketing

When releasing the most flexible athletic shoes in history, Nike did not want to simply tell consumers how flexible the shoes are. Rather the shoes flexibility was demonstrated through creative promotional packaging.  This ad cleverly shows demonstration marketing in action.  By trimming a shoebox to one third of its original size, the Nike Free 5.0 was bent […]

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Five Sneaky Retail Tactics

And how to prevent them turning into transactions. According to Adweek, retailers have a smorgasbord of “mind games” they play on consumers every time they shop. Knowing these tricks, and more importantly, knowing how to avoid falling for them, can help you save more and make less impulse purchases. Of course if you own a retail business and […]

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Klout to sell for more than $100M

The word on the street is that Klout, the social media influence analyser, is about to be sold to Lithium Technologies for more than $100M! Klout’s business focuses on analyzing who is influential in social media, which is simplified into a score on a scale of 100.  The deal hasn’t been closed yet, according to Re/code who […]

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