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Heat Pumps Websites Battle It Out

If you strike up a conversation with anyone in the heat pump industry about which heat pump brand is best, you’ll get some strong answers … normally strongly biased by the brands they themselves sell, of course!

But through the conversations I’ve had with both users of heat pumps and installers, I think the two best performing brands comes down to a dual between Fujitsu Heat Pumps and Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

The technology in both of these brands is exceptional – and improving all the time. So since the battle for technological supremacy is so close, I thought I’d review the websites of both brands and see who comes out the winner.

And there sure is a clear winner …

Firstly, let’s look at the Fujitsu Heat Pumps website

The Fujitsu Heat Pumps’ website is all in all quite disappointing. You don’t need to be an expert in website design to know that something is off key with this site. Firstly the site is quite difficult to navigate. Unless you enter the site knowing exactly what product and brand you are looking for, you will get lost. Secondly when trying to access information, such as the Hi-Wall Premier sales brochure, the site redirects users to a PDF. Nearly all heat pumps link to the same PDF.

Possibly the biggest strike against Fujitsu’s website is the layout. The information is displayed in two columns – similar to a printed brochure. However trying to replicate a brochure as a website is ineffective and simply does not work well online. It appears cluttered and is a strain to read.



All in all, the website is like less like an interactive website and more like a sales brochure – except this brochure doesn’t display prices. The great thing about creating a website for your business is the ability to interact with customers and offer them the chance to buy your products digitally. Fujitsu Heat pumps, as far as I saw, did not even offer customers the chance to place orders online. As far as functionality and design goes, this site is pretty bad.

Mitsubishi Electric wins by a long way

On the other hand, Mitsubishi Electric is a very tidy website. It is great to navigate through with drop down tabs so that viewers can navigate back home if they get lost. The website’s design is brilliant and really reinforces the company’s brand. The colour scheme is consistent and the information does not appear cluttered. 


The greatest point scored for Mitsubishi-Electric is the content, and considering content is key for a great website this works highly in their favour. The site caters information for anyone from those with no knowledge about choosing heat pumps to those who know exactly which model they require. In-depth information is given on each heat pump alongside pictures and additional relevant features.

Comparing both sites to find which brand is better can be time consuming. If you’re looking for heat pumps in Hamilton and want a distributor who sells both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi heat pumps, check out Goldstar Heat pumps. Goldstar Heatpumps has compacted information about both brands heatpumps and allows you to place an order online.