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Important Online Marketing Tactics for Locksmiths

Today any company can benefit from having an online presence. While there are general principles that can be used, there is no “one size fits all” tactic. Rather online marketing should be tailoured for different businesses – especially niche businesses!

Online marketing for locksmiths is a great example of this. Locksmiths face many challenges when trying to market themselves online. Challenges include locality, the time-poor nature of customers and standing out in a trove of competitors. Here are several tactics for marketing locksmiths online:

Be listed in Google Places

Customers want a local locksmith. Likewise an auckland locksmith wouldn’t want their search to appear to a Dunedin searcher! These are the results for searching locksmiths auckland.

Locksmiths auckland

online marketing for locksmiths

The Google places results show up quite prominently! Google understands that people searching for businesses in specific locations often want to find their nearest result possible. Being able to focus on your locality provides a competitive edge.

Fine tune Google Adwords

Google Adwords are especially important with online marketing for locksmiths. People who are searching for a locksmith usually need one now! They have a short decision timeframe and won’t scroll through pages of results to find your business. It’s even more important to be up the top of the ad results. 

Make it as Easy as Possible to Contact You

Because people want to fix their locks as soon as possible, it is vital they can contact you easily. Use Call Extensions to show the phone number with the ad. Since many people search online using their mobile devices, they could call your company straight from the search engine.

Another tactic would be to make your phone number prominent on your website. People are more likely to phone than fill in a webform – they want a response now.

SEO for Local Area Names

This further plays on the fact that customers want a local locksmith. Just like any geographically restricted business, tailor you SEO for local area names. For example use “locksmith Auckland” or “locksmiths manukau” not “locksmiths.” 

All in all online niche marketing needs to be customised. It also needs to be convenient for niche searchers. But it doesn’t need to be complicated.