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McDonald’s Says Love Your Enemies… And Your Big Macs!

McDonald’s appears to try to prove they aren’t just about selling Happy Meals to your kids and beef burgers. Rather in a new campaign they encourage global harmony by focusing on the “love” in their “I’m lovin’ it” campaign. Watch as archenemies bond… over a love of McDonald’s!

The animated launch ad features well known pop-culture foes suddenly at peace with the world and each other. Want to see Pacman and ghost share a kiss not a killing? How about Dorothy and the wicked with take a selfie? Or perhaps you’ve been craving seeing grumpy cat break into a smile at the sight of a happy meal.

The best commentary I’ve read on it is from here and reads, “McDonald’s has never really leaned that hard into the idea of love—not like Coke has done lately with happiness, for instance. It’s often focused on the “I’m” and “it” parts of the line instead of the “lovin’ ” part. But the brand thinks the time is right for a shift.”

It’s a brilliant and original take on an old message. But does it inspire me to eat a cheeseburger with someone I don’t like? No, not really.