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New York Tourism Company Now Targeting Locals

Tourism marketing companies usually target foreigners with tantalising campaigns promoting pristine beaches or adrenaline thrills – usually things a tourist doesn’t have in their home country. However this New York tourism company is targeting locals and encouraging them to explore their boroughs. 

Screen shot posters

Utilising 1950’s style posters, the company aims to keep residents in instead of attracting newcomers. AdWeek claims, “The campaign, which is sponsored by American Express, draws visual inspiration from vintage travel posters, which Emily Lessard, creative director of NYC & Company, said was an attempt to “reframe the familiar as foreign and idealized” in an attempt to sell New York City to New Yorkers.”

I do wonder why though. One of the only reasons I’d think a tourist coming to get locals out and about would be because the economy is stiff. Keeping locals in the city and out of their homes would be great for encouraging spending. However New York is already a bustling city so I don’t see why that is necessary. 

Nevertheless, it is an interesting angle to take in tourism marketing. Another interesting angle in tourism marketing is when countries are marketed rather than unique cities. This proves a unique challenge – arguably more challenging than selling a state to those already living in it!