Online Brands

No Pressure But…

No pressure but the food you currently eat is killing you. No pressure but your dated phone is making you look dated. No pressure but if you don’t go to our store and buy our product right now then no one will accept you. Marketers have become incredibly skilled at putting the pressure on consumers. And if a consumer feels compelled enough, they will almost certainly buy your offering. Isn’t this marketing at it’s finest – informing consumers that they have a genuine need and you have a genuine solution. 

Today it is more challenging ever to capture yet alone command consumers attention. When faced with thousands of marketing messages and no time at all, consumers have become masters at ignoring marketing. That is until the pressure kicks in.

The pressure to fell, look, be, live better. The pressure that comes from the world around them. The pressure that more importantly they feel from within. The pressure that your clever marketing message may have just sparked.

Take for example Pressureball, a company offering an alternative to pressureless tennis balls. So soon as you click on their homepage, you are met with this message:


It’s bold. It’s compelling. It’s bouncing right to the pressurised core of the matter – people don’t like wasting money. People spend an embarrassingly high amount of money replacing bounceless tennis balls. The pressure is on.