Five Sneaky Retail Tactics

And how to prevent them turning into transactions. According to Adweek, retailers have a smorgasbord of “mind games” they play on consumers every time they shop. Knowing these tricks, and more importantly, knowing how to avoid falling for them, can help you save more and make less impulse purchases. Of course if you own a retail business and […]

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Yellow Pages Struggling in an Online World

2014 looks to be a year where traditional advertising mediums continue to struggle while online marketing strengthens its position as increasingly the most important and efficient method of connecting with consumers. Yellow Pages especially are struggling to be relevant in the online world. Their biggest income stream – the printed Yellow Pages books – are […]

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Klout to sell for more than $100M

The word on the street is that Klout, the social media influence analyser, is about to be sold to Lithium Technologies for more than $100M! Klout’s business focuses on analyzing who is influential in social media, which is simplified into a score on a scale of 100.  The deal hasn’t been closed yet, according to Re/code who […]

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The Jandal Scandal

New Zealand’s biggest online discount clothing store,, has been in the middle of controversy this week when they were served a legal demand to stop using the term “jandals” on their website, when they were selling their … umm… jandals! It turns out that someone by the name Baron Sandford, director of Sanford Industries […]

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Volkswagen Superbowl Commercials

In incredibly expensive and much-talked-about Superbowl commercials, Volkswagen won the masses over in 2011 with their TV commercial The Force.  It is still the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time with more than five million shares and 67 million views. It’s very cute, and nice to see a family-friendly advert getting such a […]

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Warehouse Stationery New Branding

Warehouse Stationery has recently unveiled a complete branding make-over.  And what a brilliant make-over it is. Old Branding The old branding wasn’t bad.  It was clear, straight forward, it worked.  It wasn’t one of the brands like New World that I looked at at and though, “That’s so old! The really need to make it […]

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Why Facebook Ads Are Better Than Google Ads

In the light of the Facebook IPO going south, and the bad publicity around General Motors cancelling their $10M Facebook campaign, I thought it would be worth noting the reasons why I believe Facebook ads are far better than Google ads …. for certain markets. As a Marketing consultant I manage the marketing for several […]

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