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Poo-Pourri Ad Claims Girls Don’t Poop

When faced with the challenge of communicating about a topic not usually discussed, Poo-Pouri managed to craft together a brilliant ad:

Some have referred to it as “advertising at it’s finest” and “tackling a stinky subject with wonderful copywriting and visual treatment.” It is not difficult to see why this advert is so commended. It is riddled with poetic lines such as “the subtle scent of a 300 cow dairy farm,” “traps odors in their porcelain prison” and a claim that Poo-Pouri can save relationships. And these lines were all spoken so sweetly that the flowery language covered the distasteful connotations.  

The featured actress claimed “Poo-Pouri uses humour and people associate with that. This makes it easier to talk about poo.” By attempting to make an uncomfortable topic comedic, the Poo-Pouri ad has gained mass appeal. One viewer even claimed “I have watched this ad a number of times- which is not true for any other ads I’ve seen. That alone speaks volumes to its efficacy.” 

The humourous positioning through clever copywriting is not restricted to Poo-Pouri’s commercial alone. The website also reinforces this positioning. Even the packages- “new to poo” and “tried and true poo” comedically position the brand.