What Facebook’s New Ad Editor Means for You

Facebook has a tendency to make mountains out of molehills on little changes they make. But in this instance, they truly have revamped the power editor. Things aren’t just in different places – things work differently, the design differs and some brand new features were introduced. As a whole, this is how the new power […]

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Copyblogger Kills it’s Facebook Page

Famous content marketing educator Copyblogger has made a much disputed decision to kill their Facebook page. As a company who teaches fans how to use various social media platforms including Facebook, this has sent ripples through marketing communities. Fans around the world are wondering whether this was necessary and if it is a sign of […]

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The Most Personalized and Targeted Facebook Ad Ever

A lot of people notice Facebook targeting ad’s to their demographics, likes and recent searches. While this is a little concerning it is considered a tradeoff for using a public social networking site. However one user got incredibly spooked when an ad was tailoured to not only his occupation but one of his secrets which […]

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