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The New Wave of Interactive Digital Billboards

 When you think of billboard ads, a few words that usually come to mind are static, outdated and just plain boring. That is rapidly changing thanks to a new wave of creative, interactive digital billboards. These billboards respond to the environment and the people around them allowing them to communicate in a new and innovative way. Here is just a selection of the latest, cool interactive digital billboards:

Street Scene with Overlaid Storm

Marketers for the engaging thriller film Into the Storm decided a plain bus stop poster didn’t do the film justice. And so they displayed a Sydney street to seem as though the poster was just a glass pane. But there was a catch. The poster animated lightning strikes, street signs tearing and a tornado which plucks cars off the street and shatters glass.

Interactive Pictionary

Passerby’s were invited by a very enthusiastic digital host to take part in Pictionary. After getting over the initial bizarreness of playing pictionary with a billboard, the experience became quite enjoyable. Not to mention the bonus of getting real prizes for guessing correctly!

Hair Blown Around by Train … With a Twist

Before this billboard was a similar one showing a lady’s hair tossed playfully as a subway goes past. This billboard used this idea with a twist. As a train drives up, the lady’s hair gets windswept just like the other billboard. However shortly after her wig is blown off revealing that she is being treated for cancer. 

Billboard with Real Plane Details

This billboard engages people by pointing out exactly what plane is flying overhead and where it is going. Abigail Comber, head of marketing at British Airways told Adweek ” We hope it will create a real ‘wow’ and people will be reminded how amazing flying is and how accessible the world can be.”

Hopefully one day these interactive digital billboards will be so commonplace that they no longer have the wow factor. If only all traditional mediums could be recreated like this!