Using Innovation to Reinvent and Outperform Existing Products

It is difficult to always be the first in line – especially when it comes to the new product line. Because there are already hundreds of thousands of products on offer, it is becoming a greater challenge to create an entirely new product. The first mobile phone was made about 41 years ago and the first fullscale automobile was made in 1769. With constantly changing needs, how have these products held such a prominent market share over time without falling behind?

Innovation is the key. While these products have existed for decades they are hardly true to their original form and technologies. While these enhancements are interesting to be seen on a larger scale, it is also fascinating to see improvements to smaller products.

Take for example a plain tennis ball. If tasked with trying to enhance a tennis ball, most people would be stumped. While not perfect, it is difficult for the untrained eye to see any way a tennis ball could be improved. But apparently there is a massive improvement that can be made, one that really does reinvent and outperform the existing good.

Tennis players may complain that regular tennis balls quickly lose their bounce after being taken out of the pressurised tube. And once out it was a steady and irreversible roll away from playability. But Pressureball, experts in restoring and maintaining bounce, made a tennis ball pressuriser to ensure tennis balls never lose their bounce. It can also be used to restore old tennis balls bounce! Compared with having to restock tennis balls every time they lose bounce, this company evidently used innovation to outperform existing products.

So while there are definite advantages to being the first to invent a product, there are so many benefits with reinvention and enhancements. Plus it doesn’t hurt to be able to jump into an existing market without having the time and financial pitfalls of creating your own!

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