Organic Food Snobs Blind Taste McDonalds … And Love it!

Organic Food Snobs Blind Taste McDonalds … And Love it!

Nowadays anyone and everyone claims to be a food expert with a refined taste for the organic. Sacha and Cedrique wanted to test connoisseurs in a culinary experiment.  The pair decided to test taste buds with McDonalds and see who spotted the difference. Not only did no one notice, but the critics loved it! Watch their reactions here:

The experts cut up regular fish fillet burgers, chicken burgers and other meals into small slithers to be served on a plateau. A muffin was enhanced with the delicacy of BBQ sauce. One expert even claimed his sliver of a fish burger “Tastes like cod… rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I’d say it’s fine.”

Possibly the best reactions were when supposed experts were asked to compare their delicacy to the unrefined taste of McDonalds. One connoisseur said “It definitely tastes a lot better, and the fact that it’s organic is definitely a good thing. The taste is a lot richer.” Another connoisseur applauded how pure the food tasted when compared to salty McDonald’s meals.

Cedrique stated at the end that he learned “If you tell people something is organic, they will automatically believe it is organic!” Although the issue runs a little deeper than that. McDonalds has tried selling it’s meals and burgers as sourced from organic ingredients however people are skeptical.

But when Cedrique and Sacha, suited up at an organic food convention sell their food as organic, people will eat it up. The message cannot be held in isolation. The background and environment play a massive part in people’s interpretations!

Information sourced from Gizmondo.

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