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Coca-Cola Takes Mobile Gaming Outdoors

Recently we saw Korean North Face Attempt to bring the outdoors indoors. Now we see Coca-Cola take the indoors outdoors! Or rather, entice people to sit inside using their app by staging an outdoors event. The Just Dance mobile app encourages participation in a dancing game. Confused about how this links to Coca-Cola?

So was I. Watch the video for a little more clarity:

The video portrays enthusiastic dancers grabbing a cola and then participating. The same is true with this app. The app comes free to download with any can Coca-Cola. To get an even greater market reach, gamers can post their videos directly to Facebook. This encourages friends to run to the nearest supermarket and buy a can just to join in. At least thats what Coka hopes will happen.

The video also fits very well in the open up some happiness branding. Dancers are enthusiastically texting friends, running to get more cola, and a giant dancing panda is also thrown in there. Everyone is dancing and happy to live in a world where Coca-Cola hosts bizarre dancing events.

Nethertheless this is an immersive and interactive way to increase paychecks.