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Building a Tradie Brand

Branding tradies is an incredibly niche market. Because of this, it’s not always the easiest to develop marketing strategies around. While there are a handful of websites and businesses specialising in trade branding, most tradies are uncomfortable handing their brand to a stranger. They do, after all, have a do it yourself mentality. If you’re a tradie or have been tasked with building a tradie brand, here are a few DIY tips.

Branding tradies has some similarities to marketing services. You could follow the typical focusing on results, promoting benefits and differentiating your company. But in the words of a wise marketer, but wait there’s more! Trades aren’t just like any service. They tend to have stronger customer loyalty or disloyalty. Customers are skeptical of tradespeople so if you give them a great service, they will probably come back again and tell their friends. But if you do a terrible service, you may make news headlines. Don’t believe me? Scroll through TradeHQ to see just how far tradie news can travel.

Also on tradespeoples lack of credibility, your branding needs to emphasise that you are trustworthy. Take for example Urban Homes, master builders in Hamilton. They key point they emphasise is their homes are built with integrity. That phrase means a lot more in the building industry than it does in say the shoe manufacturing industry. Also take a look at their website:


What keywords stick out to you? For me it’s intergrity, professional and relationships. Words that relate to the quality of their workmanship as opposed to their work.¬†