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Why Your Favourite Brands Have Their Own Emoticons

As part of a bizarre trend, well-known brands are finding their way into your conversations. Brands have successfully sneaked into your conversation with your friends, co-workers and even your unsuspecting grandmother. That’s right, you are most likely an unknowing avid brand promoter if you have these qualifications:

  • You use Facebook and other messaging apps
  • You’re currently reading this off your smartphone
  • You try and liven chats up with stickers and emoticons 
  • You have more sticker sets downloaded than you can keep track of 

Many brands have jumped on the emoticon bandwagon. Adweek blames mobiles for this. We’re looking at you, avid smartphone user. As communication on mobile devices has become more image-based—through the use of emoticons, emojis and stickers—brands like Ikea, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Comedy Central and others have created their own branded emoticons to engage audiences in a new way.

Some brands are trying harder than others. IKEA has 100 emoticons waiting to be used whereas Mentos only has 10 “ementicons.” IKEA spokesman Mark Ogertschnig says, “In general you could say emoticons offer a great way for brands to—potentially on a global scale—become part of the everyday conversations of people.” With about 6 billion stickers or emoticons being sent every day, it makes good marketing sense why your brands have taken this road.