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Seven Marketing Bigwig’s Reveal Digital Stats

With all the interesting revelations at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, digital released the most intriguing results. Here are six of the most interesting stats from Adweek:

1. Target’s massive data breach racked up 150 billion media impressions between December and July. 

But, Target’s CMO and evp Jeffrey Jones is optimistic about his brand going into the holiday season, largely because of digital.

Jones shared a slew of mobile stats during a presentation:

  • Online conversion is up 40 percent year-over-year as a result of a new Web site and mobile app
  • Two-thirds of Web traffic is mobile and that’s expected to hit 75 percent by the end of the year
  • Mobile app usage has increased 50 percent since the retailer rolled out in-store Wi-Fi

2. Facebook’s Squeeze on Organic Content has Killed Some Brands’ Reach

Red Vines’ organic reach was down 72.9 percent, said Michael Kelly, media and communications manager at American Licorice Co. Sour Punch’s reach was down 78.1 percent.

3. 27 percent of millennial moms (out of a sample group of 649) look for product reviews on mobile while in a store

According to stats shared by Kellogg’s during an innovation lab with the Mobile Marketing Association, nineteen percent of Gen Xers do the same and 18 percent of Boomers said the same. But, it’s important to note that groups of about 1,050 were surveyed for Gen X and Boomers.

4. Kraft has been Doubling Down on Data for 18 Months

With some campaigns already paying off, evp and CMO Deanie Elsner said.

During an Easter campaign for a bunny-shaped cake, Kraft built target segments to push the recipe to people who had been to its site and shown an interest in similar content. Sales for Jell-O, Cool Whip, Baker’s Angel Flake and Jet-Puffed increased 23 percent in April. The campaign also led to a four-times return on investment.

Kraft has 100 million online visits each year, which collect 22,000 different pieces of data. The data then help determine which products and recipes consumers want.

The Northfield, Ill.-based brand serves more than 6.6 billion ad impressions, which are bought based on more than 500 segments of consumers. The average Kraft brand uses data from 10 to 15 custom segments when buying media.

5. Eighty to 90 percent of car shopping now starts online

 That stat has made digital a top priority in the automaker’s direct-response and brand marketing said Nissan’s CMO Roel de Vries. 

6. 85 percent of business-to-business marketers use social media to make business decisions

Cisco’s svp and CMO said. LinkedIn in particular is being used frivolously. 


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