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IKEA Commercial Takes on Apple With its Brand New Technology

IKEA has found a way to position a run-of-the-mill print catalogue as advanced, high tech and well worth reading. Using this amusing advert which follows the basic Apple advert style, the company introduced the 2015 print catalog as the Bookbook™.

What are the features of the bookbook that position it as more advanced than digital media?

  • The bookbook is shown to need no cables or charges as the catalog arrives fully charge with infinite battery life.
  • Navigation is based on tactile touch technology- users scroll left-to-right and right-to-left which is similar to scrolling on a tablet.
  • IKEA boasts no lag as each high definition page loads instantly. 
  • Content is already preinstalled on 328 high definition pages

To further pitch the catalogue, IKEA positioned itself as a utilitarian. The narrator claimed, “Technology this life enhancing should be in the hands of everyone… So that is why this catalogue is free.” Regional marketing managed Yeong Tze Kuen adds “At Ikea we feel that technology that is this life-enhancing should be in the hands of everyone. We invite you to download one from your mailbox. The one you open with a key. Or you can upload yourself to the Ikea store and find one there.”

It is yet to been seen whether promoting the catalogue rather than the stock will increase sales. But I would bet that print catalogue orderings have increased for 2015.