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Malaysian Airlines Advertising Blunder

The outlook for Malaysian Airlines has appeared bleaker and bleaker over the last six months. In the course of six months the Airline had flight MH370 disappear off the radar, had a flight shot down over Ukraine, had a report of a sexual assault from a steward and had just shy of 200 staff quit. In an attempt to combat this negative publicity and stay afloat, the airline released a campaign described as “atrocious” by widow of MH370 victim.

New Zealanders and Australians were offered the opportunity to win an iPad or return trip to Malaysia, courtesy of the airline. The promotion titled “My Ultimate Bucket List” asked competitors what they would like to tick off their bucket list and why.

Essentially the airline which lost 525 passengers and staff was asking what people would like to do before they die – topped off with the chance to fly with them. Auckland University Senior marketing lecturer Bodo Lang criticised the naming and timing of this competition. He stated “In the long run, Malaysia Airlines will have to gradually rebuild its trust with passengers and the public. The unfortunate naming of the competition would have made this task again more difficult for the airline.”

The competition has since been removed. The airline appologised for the naming of the competition stating bucket list was a common phrase used in both countries.