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iPhone 6 Dumped in Beer!

People go to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on the first iPhone. Hoards of people wait in queues and tent out overnight just to claim supremacy. However one man takes it a step further. This man flies to Australia to be the first to get the iPhone 6 (due to timezones) only to dump the phone in deer. You really need to watch the video to understand it!

At first you think it’s another iPhone hater wasting money to show his disgust in all things Apple. But then this stupid stunt turns into a brilliant product demonstration for Reviveaphone.

The last twenty seconds are surprisingly suspenseful. Even the enthusiastic host cringes as he waits to see the iPhone light up with it’s familiar logo. This guy has travelled to Australia just to prove a point. He bought some Apple enthusiasts front line spot to get the first phone. If the Reviveaphone was faulty then all of this would be for nothing.¬†


But the phone lights up and works as it should. Leaving the 330,000 viewers interested in this product and amazed at the impressive product demonstration. No plain informercial would have the same reach or impact as this advertisement. It proves that product demonstration shouldn’t be¬†limited to the mundane. And it proves it’s not flying around the world to dump a new phone in beer might not be as insane as it sounds!