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Land Rover Promotional Contest Goes Galactic

Land Rover

Alongside the launch of a new SUV, Land Rover has announced a promotional competition with the grand prize being a trip to space. In the “Galactic Discovery” contest, winners have the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to space with three friends. This is the first competition that offers winners the chance to become space tourists who experience out-of-seat zero gravity.

Although audiences have been engaged worldwide in anticipation of this competition, one has to ask whether this contest distracts attention away from the launch of Discovery SUV. 

Perhaps this would be similar to locksmith offering a trip around the world, with the brand justification of ‘We’re all about security, and airports have to pay great attention to security’. Even though you can explain the link simply, it doesn’t mean the connection is strong for the public. 

To enter the competition, aspiring astronauts need to submit a 30 second video of what they believe the spirit of adventure is. This seems by and large unrelated to a premium compact SUV. Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover Marketing Directior claimed, “Only Land Rover could offer this incredible opportunity: the chance to win the most spectacular group journey of a lifetime. Our heritage is rooted in adventure, exploration and a desire to go above and beyond, and nothing embodies this spirit of discovery more than a trip to space.” 

Although the marketing director justifies the link well, it is likely the general public will overlook the brand’s involvement and only see the competition.