brand positioning

Building a Tradie Brand

Branding tradies is an incredibly niche market. Because of this, it’s not always the easiest to develop marketing strategies around. While there are a handful of websites and businesses specialising in trade branding, most tradies are uncomfortable handing their brand to a stranger. They do, after all, have a do it yourself mentality. If you’re […]

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How to Create a Bulletproof Brand

Branding is easier said than done. The apple logo alone has been fine tuned over eight times! Everything to do with branding needs to reflect some aspect of your organisation. Not only do you need to shrink your entire business down to a single message, but you also need to make this message consistent! This […]

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Labour’s Defeat Points to a Forgotten Target Market

With the devastating defeat for the Labour Party in the election, Labour seems to have lost touch with what resonates with New Zealanders.  In business terms, it has become disconnected from its target market and is struggling to win back market share. Politics is the ultimate marketing challenge, as every voter has just one vote, and everything the […]

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How to Position Your Brand as the Best, Using the Psychology of StoryTelling

It’s interesting to explore the psychology behind positioning a brand as the best in its category. Brands have a wide variety of options to choose from in their marketing messages. Perhaps they could focus on their better prices, the products benefits or overall why they are the better brand.   Some advertising managers even choose to be as bold as […]

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