product demonstration

Tyre Demonstration Takes on Gravity

A heavy duty radial tyre has turned away from regular tyre promotions. Rather than tackling other tyres and their manufacturers, BFGoodrich has taken on gravity. See for yourself: To demonstrate the KO2’s durability, the tyre was dropped from a whooping 10,000 feet, a velocity which would cause most tyres to explode upon impact. Three other tyres were […]

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iPhone 6 Dumped in Beer!

People go to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on the first iPhone. Hoards of people wait in queues and tent out overnight just to claim supremacy. However one man takes it a step further. This man flies to Australia to be the first to get the iPhone 6 (due to timezones) only to dump […]

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Nike’s Innovative Demonstration Marketing

When releasing the most flexible athletic shoes in history, Nike did not want to simply tell consumers how flexible the shoes are. Rather the shoes flexibility was demonstrated through creative promotional packaging.  This ad cleverly shows demonstration marketing in action.  By trimming a shoebox to one third of its original size, the Nike Free 5.0 was bent […]

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