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Twitter Announces New Social Commerce Tools

Following in Facebook’s footsteps of releasing a buy button, Social Networking Giant Twitter is rolling out new online shopping technology. This technology positions itself as Facebook’s many competitor in social commerce. Twitter has matched Facebook’s move and improved on it. They are trialling a buy button, a wishlist and a shopping cart.

“Twitter announced the tool in a very American advertisement several months ago. The tool has only just been released.

It¬†enables customers to save an item mentioned in a tweet to their Amazon wish list using the hashtag #AmazonWishlist. Users can also add items directly to their cart using the hashtag #AmazonCart. Although there has been skepticism over whether #AmazonWishlist will work due to wish lists unpopularity, #AmazonCart is projected to be a success. A¬†downside to these tools is users need to switch sites in order to complete the transaction – which is a fair bit more effort compared to Facebook’s one-stop shop approach.”

These are relatively early days and it might be a while before these tools are available to the public. It might be even longer before the public is comfortable using these tools! But from a business perspective, these are exciting advancements and could easily lead to more conversions and collaboration.

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