The Best YouTube Ad EVER

Are you prepared to witness the best YouTube ad ever? The one that made every single viewer grip their seats, drop their jaw, start speaking French and run to the store to buy the product. You know, the YouTube ad that was so incredibly successful it’s been featured on major news broadcasts for the last […]

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Just Another Book On the Wall

If you search online for advice, every person and their dog has likely written ten blog posts on it. Or written a thoughtful Facebook status.Or uploaded a YouTube video on any topic you can imagine. We truly do live in the information age. This overload of digital content is great when you need help getting […]

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How to Create a Bulletproof Brand

Branding is easier said than done. The apple logo alone has been fine tuned over eight times! Everything to do with branding needs to reflect some aspect of your organisation. Not only do you need to shrink your entire business down to a single message, but you also need to make this message consistent! This […]

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The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2014

  In 2014 we have seen a range of marketing efforts – from engaging interactive billboards to Samsung hitching onto a charity campaign for marketing purposes! For every cringe worthy campaign named-and-shamed, there seemed to be at least two which were remarkably good. Here are the best Tweets, TV commercials, product demonstrations and promotional competitions […]

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Copyblogger Kills it’s Facebook Page

Famous content marketing educator Copyblogger has made a much disputed decision to kill their Facebook page. As a company who teaches fans how to use various social media platforms including Facebook, this has sent ripples through marketing communities. Fans around the world are wondering whether this was necessary and if it is a sign of […]

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Even an Advertiser is Skeptical about Advertising’s Integrity

In a rant riddled with satire, cynicism and humourous punts, award winning Jerry Seinfeld managed to criticise both advertising and the destiny of humankind. Seinfeld’s acceptance speech for an advertising award quickly took a turn. Watch the speech here:  His humourous prodding of advertising started with a claim, “I love advertising because I love lying.” […]

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The Most Personalized and Targeted Facebook Ad Ever

A lot of people notice Facebook targeting ad’s to their demographics, likes and recent searches. While this is a little concerning it is considered a tradeoff for using a public social networking site. However one user got incredibly spooked when an ad was tailoured to not only his occupation but one of his secrets which […]

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Labour’s Defeat Points to a Forgotten Target Market

With the devastating defeat for the Labour Party in the election, Labour seems to have lost touch with what resonates with New Zealanders.  In business terms, it has become disconnected from its target market and is struggling to win back market share. Politics is the ultimate marketing challenge, as every voter has just one vote, and everything the […]

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