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The Force of Star Wars Marketing Strategy

Pre-note to all fleet junkies, Jedis and other Star Wars fans: If you haven’t yet seen Star Wars The Force Awakens, this post won’t spoil the movie in any way. But it might just spoil your opinion on any other movie marketing campaign ever made.  About a year ago I made a post on how Star Wars […]

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Why Your Favourite Brands Have Their Own Emoticons

As part of a bizarre trend, well-known brands are finding their way into your conversations. Brands have successfully sneaked into your conversation with your friends, co-workers and even your unsuspecting grandmother. That’s right, you are most likely an unknowing avid brand promoter if you have these qualifications: You use Facebook and other messaging apps You’re currently reading […]

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The Brands That Boomed and Busted in Social Media This Year

2014 has been a year to remind us that the Internet  is making the playing field much more global. Your brand no longer needs to be American or European to succeed on social media. In fact, the most successful brands weren’t!  A study by Sprinklr shows how success has been spread among diverse brands. From Alpha […]

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