The 10 Most Memorable New Products of 2014

In 2014 consumers were even more capable of discovering memorable new products. Social media and in particular Facebook were instrumental in propelling this. According to the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey Facebook ranks just behind TV commercials as the most popular way consumers discover new products. Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, believes consumers are learning […]

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Seven Marketing Bigwig’s Reveal Digital Stats

With all the interesting revelations at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, digital released the most intriguing results. Here are six of the most interesting stats from Adweek: 1. Target’s massive data breach racked up 150 billion media impressions between December and July.  But, Target’s CMO and evp Jeffrey Jones is optimistic about his brand going […]

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Tech Brands Take Top Spots

Tech brands have taken the top spots on a list of most valuable brands. According to a study by Forbes, tech brands take four out of five of the top brand names.Just over half of the top ten brands were also in the tech industry. Apple’s brand worth doesn’t seem to be rotting any time […]

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Twitter Announces New Social Commerce Tools

Following in Facebook’s footsteps of releasing a buy button, Social Networking Giant Twitter is rolling out new online shopping technology. This technology positions itself as Facebook’s many competitor in social commerce. Twitter has matched Facebook’s move and improved on it. They are trialling a buy button, a wishlist and a shopping cart. “Twitter announced the […]

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Labour’s Defeat Points to a Forgotten Target Market

With the devastating defeat for the Labour Party in the election, Labour seems to have lost touch with what resonates with New Zealanders.  In business terms, it has become disconnected from its target market and is struggling to win back market share. Politics is the ultimate marketing challenge, as every voter has just one vote, and everything the […]

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Land Rover Promotional Contest Goes Galactic

Alongside the launch of a new SUV, Land Rover has announced a promotional competition with the grand prize being a trip to space. In the “Galactic Discovery” contest, winners have the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to space with three friends. This is the first competition that offers winners the chance to become space tourists who […]

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Malaysian Airlines Advertising Blunder

The outlook for Malaysian Airlines has appeared bleaker and bleaker over the last six months. In the course of six months the Airline had flight MH370 disappear off the radar, had a flight shot down over Ukraine, had a report of a sexual assault from a steward and had just shy of 200 staff quit. In an attempt […]

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