Jo Davis

Restaurant’s Best Business Move in Years is Encouraging Negative Reviews

Italian Pizza restaurant Botto Bristo is asking for customers to rate their restaurant as one star on Yelp. Except they are not only asking – they are pointing out the restaurant’s flaws and rewarding customers for their negative reviews. Owner David Cerrentini claims the promotion is “the best business move I have made in years.” […]

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Malaysian Airlines Advertising Blunder

The outlook for Malaysian Airlines has appeared bleaker and bleaker over the last six months. In the course of six months the Airline had flight MH370 disappear off the radar, had a flight shot down over Ukraine, had a report of a sexual assault from a steward and had just shy of 200 staff quit. In an attempt […]

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Innovative Point of Difference in Deaf Restaurant

A restaurant in Canada has recently opened with a unique point of difference. The Signs restaurant is a restaurant in which spoken orders always fall on deaf ears. Because all the waitressing and kitchen staff are deaf, diners have a unique opportunity to say their order using sign language. Diners are not completely thrown in the […]

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Nissan’s Speedy Royal Baby Tweet and Ad Creative

Nissan was the first company to commercialise the announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. The tweet was posted super fast, only a mere seven minutes after the royal announcement. The ad not only hitches onto a very recent event, it also  stays relevant to the product being promoted. […]

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Poo-Pourri Ad Claims Girls Don’t Poop

When faced with the challenge of communicating about a topic not usually discussed, Poo-Pouri managed to craft together a brilliant ad: Some have referred to it as “advertising at it’s finest” and “tackling a stinky subject with wonderful copywriting and visual treatment.” It is not difficult to see why this advert is so commended. It is riddled with […]

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Heat Pumps Websites Battle It Out

If you strike up a conversation with anyone in the heat pump industry about which heat pump brand is best, you’ll get some strong answers … normally strongly biased by the brands they themselves sell, of course! But through the conversations I’ve had with both users of heat pumps and installers, I think the two best […]

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