Marketing Observations

Avoid ‘Gift Face’ This Christmas, Where You Grin and Bear a Bad Present

Christmas is an awkward time of year. Talking to relatives you haven’t seen since last Christmas (for good reason), dealing with awful Christmas marketing and receiving awful presents. The most hilarious of these is trying to recieve an awful present in a socially acceptable manner. And that is by pulling a classic ‘Gift Face” “Gift face” […]

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The Quest For Game Advertising

As of recently, advertising for online gaming has increased tremendously. Games have been used almost since their inception to advertise products as seen in this photo from eMarketing: But when it comes to advertising the games themselves, advertising has been a bit more shabby. Dedicated gamers have to learn new languages, watch confusing YouTube videos and […]

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Most Common Mistakes When Writing a Mission Statement

Mission statements seem so inherently simple that managers don’t put much thought into them. Read: any thought into them. Because there’s no way to get a mission statement wrong. Or so they think. Enter stage left every other mission statement ever written. Demeaning, demotivating, deteriorating, past the stage of defibrillation and ready to be deleted. […]

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